My Approach


How Dr. Mindia works:

Dr. Mindia approaches his clinical work through a developmental perspective blending western psychology and eastern philosophies of health and wellness.  He believes that the integration of multiple styles and perspectives helps to alleviate symptoms and can provide ways to achieve happiness, fulfillment and a sense of accomplishment.

Current research, as well as his experience and training, enables him to determine the treatment strategies from psychodynamic, relational, humanistic, cognitive, and interpersonal neurobiology approaches that are likely to be most effective in addressing your concerns.


Dr. Mindia offers a safe and supportive environment:

It takes courage to open up and share your intimate experiences and struggles with a stranger.  Safety, a sense of comfort, and trust is a process we will aim for. I respect your time in this journey and we will together address your issues and concerns within a timeframe that is comfortable for you.


Supervision and teaching:

Dr. Mindia supervises pre-licensed mental health therapists who are collecting hours towards licensure.  You should feel confident that any associate working under Dr. Mindia‚Äôs direction will receive an excellent level of care.

Along with his private practice, Dr. Mindia is also an adjust faculty member at Pepperdine University and teaches Psychopharmacology and Psychological Assessment.


Mindia Gabichvadze, PsyD
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