IQ Testing


IQ tests offer a good idea of where someone lies along the intelligence spectrum. People possess many different forms of IQ, from logical IQ to emotional IQ, and there are many ways for someone’s most appropriate intelligence to come to light.

Some of the benefits of IQ tests include:

  • Predict future individual performance in the way of work or education, allowing for a more tailored approach in resolving issues with respect to performance and education.
  • IQ tests can offer insight as to where one needs to improve, or practice. If a test indicates that someone has great verbal and reasoning skills but struggles with the logical and numerical portions of the test, there might be a way better to understand their understanding, and ultimately their performance in those fields.
  • IQ testing can help identify those with higher than average capabilities, which can help develop new curriculum for those who might be bored or find themselves underserved by standard classes.

Dr. Mindia offers tests designed to measure intelligence and cognitive ability in older adolescents and adults. If you’re interested in finding out your IQ, call or schedule an appointment with Dr. Mindia today.

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